Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mount Pollock climb -- Glacier National Park

Mt. Pollock from the Going to the Sun Road -- not too far away
 This past weekend my friend Laura and I decided to climb Mt. Pollock in Glacier.  The nature of the rock in Glacier National Park lends itself to rope-less off-trail scrambling up mountains (i.e. it's crumbly which can also be bad).  It can sometimes be a little dicey (and sometimes dangerous if you're being chance-y) but is typically extremely rewarding if exhausting.
We chose Pollock -- or rather I did -- because it promised to be all class 2 and 3 which is relatively tame.  Class 2 is basically walking about Class 3 is generally unexposed scrambling (in my view which might be wrong).  This was basically a good choice.
Looking back as we made our way upwards

Mt. Siyeh as seen from saddle between Piegan and Pollock

 There was one section that I was not 100% confident on -- pictured immediately below.  This rock chimney was basically vertical, though Laura climbed up and confirmed that after this short section it was just walking.  So, I sucked it up and after a practice up/down part of the way I made it up without difficulty.  Mind over matter.
 Below is the "cleft" as seen from the safety of the top.  I feel, based on my own internal rating system, this should be Class 4 -- it wasn't any easier than the climb up Mt. Henry which is Class 4???

Laura walking towads Bishop's Cap
It was really a fantastic day and and yet another reminder of how beautiful GNP is.  It was also a pleasant reminder that I am moderately improving my mental game.


Tammy said...

Just gorgeous. So envious of your Glacier hikes. :)

mtnrunner2 said...

Nice! This is a case where it pays to climb with someone else.

It reminds me of the crux on Crestone Needle where I turned back (hiking solo, I'm not much of a climber) because I couldn't figure out how to get over a rock rib and the weather was iffy. Eh it's OK, it's not like I really mind returning to the Sangre de Cristo Range.

The verticality of Glacier's mountains is pretty stunning.

Danni said...

Tammy you should check GNP out!

mtnrunner -- yeah if I were alone I would have definitely turned around. It is helpful to have someone help you place your hands and feet since you can't always see so well while you're doing it.

GNP aren't the CO Rockies but they're special in their own way for sure.