Thursday, December 26, 2013

28 Weeks - Pregnancy Fitness

With only 12 more weeks to go, I am optimistic that I will get through pregnancy with a minimal, if any, loss of fitness (it's not like I started at some amazing level or anything).  I've been hiking, skinning up the mountain (and very slowly and carefully "safety gliding" down) and I think my heart will get through this in good shape and my quads might even benefit from the workouts with extra weight.
I realized the other day though as I was skinning up the mountain that my real challenge will be maintaining any modicum of fitness once the baby is here.  It's not like I won't be able to take her out for walks or hikes and stay active.  It's not like Ted won't be an amazing parent and facilitate some exercise time for me.  Even then, I can imagine that it might be an incredible challenge.  I can also imagine not really caring that much and being more focused on all things baby and no things personal self-care.
Hopefully I will surprise myself, just like I am currently surprising myself.  And hopefully I will pull through and not need the size XXL clothes I am accumulating for my outdoor pursuits. 


sea legs girl said...

Danni skinning up the mountains is such an awesome idea for getting exercise pregnant! Heck- it's awesome anytime :-).

I remember our time with little Christian those first few months as so magical with a surprisingly large amount of sleep and quickly getting him into that baby jogger when the weather was nice. Also the hiking packs for babies are great. They even make them with sun screens and mosquitoe nets now.

If you breast feed and stay active (I really recommend both), the pregnancy weight will melt off. It seems to come off slowly at first, but then all of the sudden it is gone and you will have strength that is way beyond what you weigh. It is fun! Plus you'll have an amazing baby.

Danni said...

Thanks for the encouragement SLG! I wore my HRM this morning for the first time during pregnancy and my easy effort produced a slightly higher heart rate than what I was expecting (I thought it would be 125-130 but it was an average of 138). Still seems reasonable though and I could easily chat with everyone. I love endorphins. I wonder if the baby gets any and will be born an endorphin junkie.

Olga King said...

Skiing is the best thing invented where the winter is concerned! I actually like snowshoeing too, but mostly cross-country ski because I grew up doing it, and downhill ski because of some little adrenaline rush I get.:)

Paige said...

Good on you, Danni! I love that you're staying active. That is encouraging :) I'm sure you'll find a way to fit things in once you settle into your new rhythm. (Side note: I just noticed 'rhythm' has no vowels…unless you count the 'sometimes Y'…end side note.) And, if not, then no biggie. Babies are pretty great.

Danni said...

Olga you are really meant to live in a mountain town!

Paige I am sure I will figure out a routine. It's just hard to be entering into such uncharted waters. Probably good for me.

Jill Homer said...

Prenatal endorphins. Your poor daughter doesn't stand a chance. ;-)

What is your schedule like for the week of Jan. 29 to Feb. 2? I am still dreaming of a possible training trip, and might be able to make that week work.

Kate said...

I agree with SLG. Being active is such an important part of who you are that ultimately that isn't going to change due to your daughter's arrival.

Just make sure to go easy on yourself and listen to your body. If you feel like getting back out there on day 2, then that's your business. But if it takes you 6 or more weeks to feel up to it, that's cool, too. I think you'll find that if delivery/recovery are "normal" that you will very soon want to be getting some moderate exercise. For me that just meant walking the neighborhood with a stroller or baby carrier, but those walks were critical. Fresh air is so great. Oh, and plus babies like to fall asleep that way. (Joe and I each had some late night walks in the 'hood praying for the baby to just go the eff to sleep. But don't worry - that is also just a passing phase.)

Anyway, I guess when I think back on it I have to admit that, like SLG said, I probably got more sleep than most after having my babies. But I also know that I was still exhausted and not getting enough rest all together. So, it's a mixed bag. In conclusion: you're likely going to be feeling like exercising in no time, but give yourself a break if it takes more time to lose the weight. As they say, 9 months on, 9 months off. In my case breastfeeding was a huge help, but I know not all women would agree. Oh, and it kind of came off in chunks. Like I'd lose a bunch and then plateau for a while, and then I'd lose more. So just be patient. Oh, and eat a lot. You will be amazed how STARVING you are in those first few weeks. At least I was.

Okay, sorry for the novel. Uh oh. You opened the door to baby advice and now I'm having trouble stopping. : ) ha ha.